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Evolution of Deep-Sea Fishes

Research in the lab  focuses on the evolution of fishes that inhabit the deep sea, as the extreme habitats of this environment have produced fascinating evolutionary events among the 4000 - 6000 species of marine fishes that have invaded this realm (e.g., telescopic eyes, bioluminescence, hermaphroditism). We use phylogenetic hypotheses as frameworks to investigate a breadth of evolutionary questions related to organismal diversity and diversification. Our work focuses on exploring a number of evolutionary topics related to fishes that inhabit the deep sea, including; estimating divergence times, temporal changes in diversification rates, character evolution, correlations between speciation rates and evolutionary adaptations, ecological habitat shifts, and biogeography.

The "What the Fish?" Podcast Series

When I was employed as a postdoctoral research scientist at The Field Museum, I was able to start a podcast with colleagues (Beth Sanzenbacher, Eric Ahlgren, and Leo Smith)  that dived into various topics surrounding the biodiversity of fishes. These podcasts included discussions on the general biology, ecology, and evolution of fishes. We produced 26 episodes at The Field Museum with associated blog posts before relocating to work at the University of Kansas. You can check out all 26 episodes of our podcast on iTunes and at The Field Museum's website.

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What the Fish? Blogposts and Audio

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